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Our Story

Canadian Meat is truly well known globally. Lots of meat industries are developing dramatically around the country. Especially, in Calgary, it is known as the first one of cities that provides the best meat ever in Canada.

However, because of costs of production, and delivery, not all of the meat industries provide the best meat for consumers. Noypi Meat also faces with the same problem with other competitors, but it has the different way to deliver the best value for consumers. It established in 2013 by a Filipino man with over 25 years experience in the meat industry. The owner truly understands what the consumers really want and how to deliver the best value for them. He opened the Noypi Meat with the core target is providing the high-quality of meat with an acceptable price. Until now, the Noypi Meat has to be a supplier for many Vietnamese and Filipino restaurants in Calgary. It is not only a wholesale industry but also a retailer industry. Understanding clearly the demand of consumers and having a big dream of delivering the best meat for them, the Noypi Meat is here for everyone.

Customers Talk About Us

Noypi Meat always has the best selection and service with great, fresh products. Keep it up!
Manila Grill Express
It's hard to find a butcher shop that is friendly, has an awesome selection, and has lots of local products. All the meats we buy from Noypi Meat have been of great quality.
Max's Restaurant
I get perfect experience with Noypi Meat. I absolutely love chicken and beef tendon you guys sell. You have such great meat choices and amazing staff.


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Free Access To "Noypi Meat's Guide To Buying Meat in Bulk"

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